About the Show

This podcast is not only a shrine for these two beautiful, well-educated, immensely popular, godlike hosts, but it also serves a beacon of hope and inspiration for those weary travelers on the road of life.

From his humble beginnings, Gerry Wachovsky has proven that humility is for schmucks. Once an aspiring day-time TV judge, Gerry now lays down the law with his mighty temper. Disagreeing wit
h him is disagreeable for any of those unlucky enough to have a differing viewpoint on the matter at hand.

For Scott Baldwin, life is about one thing: figuring out why more people aren't like him. Since he can remember he's struggled to understand why the vast majority of people refuse to engage in a more "Scottish" lifestyle. He hopes this podcast will help spread the word of Scott and create an army of drones who don't think for themselves. He also hopes for the dissolution of the NHL.

So sit back and enjoy the Podcast of Podcasts! Two men who know their stuff and refuse to be corrected or questioned. However, suggestions or queries can be directed to futureofmanpodcast@gmail.com. We encourage you to send anything from show ideas to questions for our "Ask Us Anything" segment. Oh, and ladies, Gerry is single, so you can send love queries there too.

Thanks! And Go Cubs Go!

(Gerry's note: I do not endorse the Cubs. GO YANKEES.)